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  1. All types of businesses carry out all or part of its operation in Afghanistan, involved in international business and investment;
  2. Chambers of Commerce, professional business associations and unions, whether local, regional or national, including bilateral and joint chambers of commerce, representing foreign business in Afghanistan and Afghanistan business abroad;
  3. Scholars, academics, professionals and individuals involved in international business;
  4. Non-voting honorary membership may be conferred to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Afghanistan business and economic sector. Honorary members shall be exempt from fees.
  5. All members of ICC Afghanistan are automatically members of the International Chamber of Commerce, the world business organization.


General, there are 5 main categories of ICC Afghanistan membership which are as follows:

No Main Membership Category  Membership Description


1 Organization Membership 1 National, Bilateral or Joint Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services 1500 USD
2 Local (Provincial and District) Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services 1000 USD
3 Business Councils, Federations, Unions and Associations, Cooperatives, BMO and NGO 500 USD

There are three main categories and 7 sub-categories of ICC Afghanistan membership and the membership will be renewed every year:

No Main Membership Category No Sub-category of Membership Membership Fee/ year


1 Organization Membership 1 National, Bilateral or Joint Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services 1500 USD
2 Local (Provincial and District) Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services 1000 USD
3 Business Councils, Federations, Unions and Associations, Cooperatives, BMO and NGO 500 USD


2 Corporate/ Company  Membership 4 Corporate/  Group  Membership 1500 USD
5 Normal Business Membership 300 USD
6 Women Business Membership 200 USD


3 Individual Membership 7 Scholars, academics & professionals, university students, researchers and press 100 USD



Organization Membership Corporate/ Company Membership Individual Membership
No Benefits and services Chamber Others Corporate Other sub-categories All sub-categories
1 You are automatically member of ICC HQ and will be part of the most renowned and prestigious business organization in the world.
2 You are entitled to indicate on your organization/ company letterhead, business card, and other promotional materials having the membership of International Chamber of Commerce – ICC.
3 You can meet with international officials at the heart of intergovernmental groups such as the G20 and the United Nations at the specific events.
4 You have unique opportunities for shared expertise through ICC working groups. Your authorized representative can be a member of ICC Afghanistan Policy Commissions and can nominate representatives to the ICC Policy Commissions managed by ICC Headquarters in Paris.
5 You will obtain advance information on policy and practical issues affecting the context in which international business operates.
6 You will receive news of developments in policy, law and regulation at an early stage, giving you advance notice to make the right decisions for your business.
7 You will be involved in writing rules that business uses every day to reduce costs and uncertainties in areas from arbitration to banking and commercial contracts.
8 You are entitled to free registration of your organization/ company authorized representative to most ICC Afghanistan seminars and conferences inside and outside the country.
9 You will receive an official introduction letter to other ICC offices abroad, upon request
10 You will gain influence at the international level and you can promote the organization/ company reputations in a global forum especially through the ICC National Committees Network.
11 Your business stay connected to a network of the world’s most influential and dynamic companies – of all sizes and in all sectors – forging high-level business relationships at exclusive events.  
12 Many international companies are keen to strengthen the business ties and partnerships with Afghanistan entrepreneurs. You can connect with them through ICC network.  
13 Your organization’s members/ company and corporation will benefit from the services of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, the world’s leading institution of its kind.  
14 Your organization/ company can regularly build skills through ICC publications, trainings and conferences around the world at discounted prices.  
15 We will help your organization members/ company to solve their problems related to international trade, through ICC offices abroad.  
16 We will facilitate visas for your business partners from other countries and facilitate your organization/ company leadership visas of foreign countries based on a specific procedure.  
17 We will assist you to obtain work permits for your foreign employees and will assist your business partner for their business registration process in Afghanistan.  
18 You and your corporate and group members will attend the special meeting and networking of ICC Afghanistan will be arranged with government officials, diplomatic missions and international orgs. 3 1 4 1  
19 You can nominate one representative for the ICC Afghanistan general assembly and board of director’s election, and has one vote.  
20 You can nominate one representative for ICC WCF General Council Election and has one vote.  
21 All services will be provided to your corporate or group of companies’ leadership, if you are the owner or shareholder of the corporation or group of companies.  
22 Other services are available according to your needs and requests, based on ICC Afghanistan resources, policy rules and regulations.