First General Assembly and Election of ICC Afghanistan

First General Assembly and Election of ICC Afghanistan will be held on 10th January 2019 in Kabul, City. Read and find out more about events by clicking here Read More...

ICC Afghanistan Leadership Meeting with H.E Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

ICC Afghanistan leadership met with H.E Mr. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in Arg...

ICC Incoterms® rules history

We journey through 80 years of milestones for the commercial trade terms that have transformed the global trade industry.

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

MIGA’s goal is to promote foreign direct investment into developing countries to support economic growth and more.

Export/Import Certificate (EIC)

The Export/Import Certificate (EIC) is a specialised programme that supports the needs of companies working with clients and suppliers worldwide.

• Free market economy led by private sector initiatives • Unprecedented economic growth (GDP growth from USD 2.2 billion in 2002 to USD 21.8 billion in 2014) • Utilization of Preferential Trade Agreements and Systems (with India, China, Europe, USA, and etc.)


Membership Benefits


 Since ICC Afghanistan represents ICC, the world business organization, in Afghanistan and facilitates the active participation of members in the general activities of ICC, its members would have the following benefits and advantages:

  1. Participate in the work of ICC’s commissions and special working groups. ICC Commissions comprised of business experts who regularly meet to scrutinize proposed international and government initiatives affecting their subject areas;
  2. Have access to business-critical information on international policy and regulatory issues. Information to be gained include summary records of commission meetings, fact sheets summarizing particular subject, statements, materials circulated for comments (draft rules, codes, recommendations to governments, etc.);
  3. ICC’s privileged links with major international organizations, including the UN and its specialized agencies and the World Trade Organization, allow the organization to effectively represent the interests of its members in international forums. ICC members prepare business positions for submission to international organizations and also, through ICC’s global network of national committees, to governments worldwide;
  4. ICC Afghanistan offers members many of the advantages of belonging to a prestigious club and the chance to forge business relationships at the highest level at exclusive ICC events. By being part of ICC, members gain influence both at national and international level
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